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Event. November 15, 2022. 1500 -1700 UTC

Handmade Data: Reflections on Data Containers. Nikki Stevens

Nikki Stevens examines the shape of digital data in the context of software creation

Event. June 29, 2022. 1400 -1600 UTC

Students' Participation in Humanities Research Projects: Three Case Studies from Italy. Alessandra Molinari

A lecture presenting notes from the field on developing a participatory approach to student research.

Event. June 1, 2022. 1400 -1600 UTC

The creative, collaborative lab. A round table.

A discussion about developing and working within a constructive and collaborative lab culture.

Event. May 11, 2022. 1400 -1530 UTC

Editing Texts in Multiple Versions (Peter Robinson)

This talk addresses the theoretical aspects behind the development of textual communities and demonstrates its practical applicability.

Event. April 27, 2022. 1400 -1600 UTC

Problems and Themes in Humanities Data: Humanities Data Reading Group

A seminar led by Nathan Woods on Humanities Data as discussed in several important readings.

Event. April 13, 2022. 1500 -1600 UTC

Publishing open humanities data: The experience of the Journal of Open Humanities Data (Barbara McGillivray)

The Journal of Open Humanities Data (JOHD), was launched in 2015 with the aim of promoting values of data sharing and reuse in the vast field of Humanities. In this...